Drabble winners!

121CaptainBK-Mens-Deluxe-Black-Pirate-Boots-largeThe amazing Amanda Weaver (have you read ALWAYS?) was kind enough to judge the drabbles for me this time-

River Songbird, your piratey prose was her first pick! Please email me your address and I will send you 2 books- ODIN’S MURDER signed by myself and Angel Lawson, and THE SCENT OF FLAMES. And candy. (If you have these already, let me know, and we will talk. Candy is non-negotiable.)

just_bec, you were Amanda’s second place drabbler. Please email me so I may send you a $5 amazon.com gift card!

amandaKeep an eye out for news from Amanda Weaver. Her novel THIS BOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, a New Adult contemporary from Entangled Embrace, comes out September 29th. I’m so excited about this–she and I were part of the Frequent Flyer collection; her short story, The Friendly Skies, is also part of her new book SKY HIGH.

Thanks everyone for playing, and for spreading the word. I’m thinking this should be a monthly thing; all the entries were so good.

Winners, email me at kiraagold@gmail.com, or DM me on twitter: @kiraagold

Come Play!

redsofaMy life has taken a new marvelous turn: I’ve signed with Laura Zats of Red Sofa Literary! I’ll be able to share more news soon. I’m a little overwhelmed and horribly excited, but I want to celebrate. And a few weeks ago, a friend over on Ravelry nudged me about the drabble contests I used to do, so without further rambling, let’s play with words!
(There will be a prize. A Book. A $5 amazon card. Candy!)

Take these 5 words, and make something fun using all of them, in 100 words or less:



Post in the comments by noon on Monday, east coast time, and tell a friend to come play, too!

More than Friendly

10409337_1463752397218603_4738045100179922348_nThe FREQUENT FLYERS collection ends with a bang, or at least a volcanic eruption. In Amanda Weaver‘s absolutely delicious The Friendly Skies, a flight to Mexico is rerouted back home due to a natural disaster.

Cassie, an overworked, overstressed, corporate travel director, is stuck on a plane, and her seatmate is a drooling drunk with no intentions of ending his bachelor party bender. Across the aisle, Tall-Blond-and-British gallantly invites her to the empty seat next to him. They enjoy a drink, and some conversation, but Cassie is all too familiar with the womanizing men in Business Class, and doesn’t trust Simon’s pretty eyes or his witty banter. However, enough champagne and soon she’s forgetting her own rules.

The dialogue in this novella is fantastic. Our hero has a passion for food and, quite obviously, for Cassie. His flirtatious one-liners are just yummy. My favorite bit:

“I can assure you, Mitchell and I were never involved.”
His unexpected deadpan delivery made her burst out laughing. “You’re not his type. Although…” She cocked her head and considered him. “He always did have a thing for blondes.”
Simon’s eyes skated over her hair, long, straight and dark brown. “He had no taste.”

Amanda Weaver is the author of the contemporary romance ALWAYS. (I garble about it here.) FREQUENT FLYERS comes out November 1st, but is available for pre-order now.

To the Moon and Back

bev's bookIn FREQUENT FLYERS’s fifth story, Bev Elle‘s charming and funny novella Fly Me to the Moon, Jessamy Taylor is the only ticket agent who can handle “Weird Griffin”, an eccentric passenger with a penchant for whistling Frank Sinatra, corduroy pants, and hand sanitizer.

Jessamy has quirks of her own, and knows there is more to Dr. Griffin Sanderson than meets the eye; he’s her neighbor, and she even dated him several years ago. But their common interests and the hard body under his Star Wars tee-shirts couldn’t overcome his idiosyncrasies, and she left him when he wouldn’t get help for the problems that were pulling them apart. He still passes through her check-in line every week, though, and lately, she’s noticing a few changes, like the switch from the Clark Kent glasses to contacts, and that lingering look back at her, before he disappears toward his gate. But has he changed enough? And is she too set in her own ways to give him another chance?

I love Jessamy. She’s smart and sweet and peculiar enough to be a good match for our good doctor (who, as it turns out, has a touch of Mr. Darcy behind his Big Bang Theory fashion sense), and her mother will have you in stitches.

Bev Elle is the author of OBSIDIAN FAITH, available December 4th.
FREQUENT FLYERS hits amazon.com on November 1st. Check out our article in USA Today!

Alternate Planes

unschedT.M. Franklin’s novella Unscheduled Departure, third in the FREQUENT FLYERS COLLECTION, is a marvelous story that slides into magic realism (my favorite literary genre) when Ro, heartbroken that her boyfriend Finn must move across the country, debates a last minute text after he’s boarded his plane: Please don’t go.

Finn doesn’t, and he and Rowan pick up where they left off with college, but… something is weird. Ro’s phone is receiving odd messages, and Finn’s shirt is the wrong color. In fact, quite a few things about her boyfriend seem strange, and she begins to wonder if somehow, her desperation brought back the wrong man.

I adore this story; it’s part romance, part modern fairytale, and the writing is lovely. Finn is a sweetheart, and the interaction between our couple is just so cute I want to squeeze them both like a flotation device seat cushion, and then go drink wine with Lindsay, Ro’s amateur psychic best friend. She reads auras and may have some answers to this mystery.

T.M. Franklin is the author of the YA paranormal MORE series (the third in the trilogy, TWELVE, drops today) and the teen romance HOW TO GET AINSLEY BISHOP TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU. The FREQUENT FLYERS COLLECTION, six romantic stories that all begin at an airport, will be available from amazon.com on November 1st.

Angel Flight

forcedForced Landing, the second story in the FREQUENT FLYERS COLLECTION, is a paranormal romance adventure by Angel Lawson of the WRAITH series (her first in this trilogy is featured in the BEWITCHED BEGINNINGS bundle) and our collaboration, ODIN’S MURDER.

This novelette opens with Nadya, a young woman who helps her father run a small private airport in Illinois, wondering about the enigmatic and surly Liam Caldwell. She craves a bit mystery of her own, trying to find her place in her dead mother’s legacy, taking on the trappings and clothing of a witch, though she’s better at sniffing out when Pop is avoiding the truth than predicting the future. Nadia spends her days trying to cure her boredom by reading the horoscope and stalking Liam, but when he is injured during a rough landing forced by a storm, her life suddenly becomes more complicated.

I won’t reveal more, because half the fun of this story is watching the secrets unfold. I also love the shifts to Liam’s point of view (I’m a sucker for dual PoV romance) and the way we discover another side to the story from his darker perspective. My favorite line in the story comes from his voice: Careful wasn’t something in my vocabulary, but fire? I liked it very much.

The FREQUENT FLYERS COLLECTION goes live on amazon.com November 1st.